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Historical house Akhoond Abu is located in Khorramabad. North side of the tomb, known as the tomb of Baba Taher, west side of Falak ol aflak castle and on the right side of 12th street.
This beautiful building is related to Qajar`s time, and was refurbished recently by cultural heritage organization, and was recorded on Iran`s national heritage list on 01th of September in 1999 with NO.2432.
This old house has arches with architecture style of Qajar`s time which was refurbished in Pahlavi`s time. This building belongs to a person called Aboo Taleb Qazi, known as Akhoond Aboo, the son of Nasrollah, and grandson of Mohsen Qazi.
This house has been heritage to him from his fathers.
Lorestan cultural heritage bought in from the survivors of Akhoond Aboo around three decades ago. He died in 1348 and was buried in Qom.
The building has got two completely symmetric floors, two staircases with an angle of 45 degree; make it possible to reach the second floor. Most of the parts are decorated with paintings.
However, ... see more  unfortunately most painted parts were damaged by humidity. 
The house has winter and summer part, the winter part has been constructed in two floors, which has a three-door room and a five-door room. The material used in this building is stone, brick and wood.

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