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The most beautiful waterfall
in lorestan  Iran



Abshar-e Ab sefid or ab sefid waterfall is Amazingly beautiful waterfall under the shadows of the Zagros Mountains, coming out of the heart of the cliff.This beautiful waterfall is located in Aligoudarz county of Lorestan province.
North and East Lorestan has a very cold snowy winter with pleasant summer. Borujerd, Dorud, Azna, Aligoodarz and Alashtrar are located there.Central Lorestan includes the capital city of Khorram Abad with moderate weather during a year. The area is covered by Mediterranean Forests.South Lorestan has moderate winters with very hot summers. Pole Dokhtar and Kuhdasht are notable cities.
Another socio-economical division of Lorestan could be considered as following:Eastern Lorestan – mostly located on Silakhor Plain- which is more industrialized. Borujerd is the major centre.Western Lorestan, less developed area but a special centre of archaeology in Western Iran. Khorram Abad is the center.

Aligoudarz is a city in and capital of Aligudarz County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 78,690, in 18,115 families.Road in vicinity of Aligoudarz at winter.Aligudarz is located 503 km from Tehran and situated in a region which is a mixture of plain and foothill, thus enjoying a mountainous mild climate. Oshtorankuh Mountain range and Aligudarz River are situated here.
In the mountains and hills around Aligudarz, ancient objects have been discovered including rectangular brick earthenware from the 13th century AD.
Important natural and historical sites of Aligudarz include:
Absefid (literally "White Water") waterfall
Aligudarz Forests
Sayleh castle
Tamandar and Bexnavid caves
Masisilan Ancient Hill
Mandish mountain
Chakan Waterfall


Access road to the waterfall is with in Aligoudarz city.the height of this beautiful waterfall reaches up to about 70 meters and the wideness is about 8 meters. Ab sefid waterfall eventually joins Roudbar river.The mixture of water and air hitting rocks causes lots of white bubbles and that is the reason for the name of this waterfall, ab sefid (white waterfall).


The Lurs constitute part of the southwestern branch of the Iranian peoples and part of the Indo-Iranian linguistic group, spread across the Iranian plateau, stretching from the Hindu Kush to central Anatolia and from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf — a region that is sometimes termed Greater Iran. Their language (called Luri or Lurish language) is closely related to Persian, and there are two distinct dialects. "Lur-e-Bozourg" (Greater Lur) is spoken by the Bakhtiaris, and "Lur-e-Kuchik" (Lesser Lur), spoken by the Lurs themselves. People in Borujerd speak in Borujerdi Dialect, a local Lori Persian dialect extracted from Luri. Northwest of Lorestan Province is dominated by Laki speakers. Professor Richard N. Frye wrote that "the Lurs and their dialects are closely related to the Persians of Fars province, and naturally belong to the southwestern branch of the Iranian peoples...

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