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Garin ridge with more than 35 kilometers long stand in southwest of Nahavand town and is amid three towns: Nahavand¸ Alashtar and Broujerd. This ridge is a section of Zagros Mountain range and contains more than 30 peaks over 3500meters height. For example: Yalkaboud- Chehel Nabaleghan- Bazgir- Hejdah Yal - Velash and

Garin has long with heavy snow winters and permanent glaciers because of special

geographical situation. for example: Gâv - Mâhi glacier . That is interesting natural


In fact Gâv-Mâhi are two separate glaciers. The reason for naming them [Gâv(Cow) Mâhi(Fish)] is that they bear a resemblance to two huge animals: cow & fish. This natural phenomenon is visible in late spring and early summer

In order to climb Chehel Nabaleghan and Gâv-Mâhi glaciers¸ you have to start your climbing from Garin toll-house¸ about 30kms away from Nahavand¸ on Nahavand – Noorabad road. Chehel Nabaleghan hasn’t any shelters¸ therefore climbing this mountain is usually possible in the daytime

In the past¸ Chehel Nabaleghan had a great value for people in the suburb and especial Nahavand from religious beliefs point of view. The people believed that some 40 offspring of Imams were buried there and every year people who had ability to climb¸ went to these SHRINES. Nowadays we can see signs of these tombs at the peak

Yalkabud peak with more than 3700 meters height is one of the highest mountains of Garin Mount of Zagros Mountain range with 3 shelters two of them in height of 2300meters and the last in

3150meters¸ near of Yalkaboud .

The start point for climbing Yalkaboud peak is Gâmâsiâb will-o-the-wisp  25km away from Nahavand . The best time for climbing Garin because of plenty water and various beautiful vegetation is in summer especially in May and June

If you climb Yalkaboud at night you can see a very beautifu sight of Nahavand and surrounding villages

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