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Description :
Oshtorankooh is the Alp of Iran. You should see it to admire its beauty. While ascending this mountain, you will enjoy a refreshing mineral water; see the huge glacier and the
fantastic mountain lake that is full of trout fish. You will also be heartily received by the hospitable nomads of the region. After a pleasant high walking and visiting the summit, you will descend to reach the nice and marvelous Lake “Gahar”. You can enjoy fishing in the lake and rest in the shades of the trees.
We’re sure you will suggest your friends and acquaintances to join this unforgettable expedition.

Itinerary :

Day 1: Travel from Tehran to Dorood city by train or road(or Travel from Shiraz just by road)
Day2: Reach to Dorood city, walk up from north part of mountain to shelter via Tiyon village(north face of mountain),sleep in Chal-kabood shelter or camp outside
Day 3: Attempt the Golgol summit(4050 m)of Oshtorankooh mountain and descend to south face and camp by fantastic and clear lake named Gahar
Day4: Camp, fishing and swimming
Day 5: Return to Kal-mahmood spring by walking and travel to Tehran by train or road
(or travel to Shiraz by road).
Services :
1- All transfers according to program(by car)
2- Full boarding(3 meals a day)on the way and in mountaineering duration
3- Mineral water while in road transfer
4- High altitude guide
Necessary Equipment:

1- Tent
2- Rug/sleeping pad
3- Sleeping bag(capable of withstanding frost down -10˚c)
4- Knapsack(60-100 litre)
5- A pair of tracking boots/shoes
6- Sun glasses
7- Skin protection cream(factor 25 and higher)
8- A lipstick
9- First aid kit
10- Ski telescopic sticks
11- Head lighter
12- Gloves
13- Warm sweater or jacket
14- Warm woolen socks
Comments:being able to walk 6-7 hours a day and go on high walking up to the height of 4000 meters.


If you need a tour guide with the low price:


+98 66 33 22 90 78

+98 91 69 69 64 70

+98 93 09 85 70 04

e-mail : 


If you want translator with low price :

calling :

+98 663 322 9078

+98 990 983 9800

+98 916 969 6470

+98 930 985 7004

e-mail :

Would you like to experience Iranian food

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calling :

+98 9169696470


+98 9309857004


+98 6633229078

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