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Kashkan Bridge in Lorestan Province is to be renovated, said the deputy head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.

Mohammadreza Assadi added that the brick arch of the bridge, which goes back to the Qajar era, has been destroyed in the recent floods, IRNA reported.

He said Kashkan Bridge is among the historical bridges of Iran. At present, three spans are on the verge of destruction due to floods, he added.

He continued that 100 ancient bridges have been identified across Lorestan Province, of which 97 have been registered on the National Heritage List.

“Our funds are meager. We need support at the provincial and national levels to preserve the historic bridges,” he concluded.

Built over a river by the same name, Kashkan Bridge is situated along the ancient route linking Khorramabad to Tarhan — a district in Koudasht county in Lorestan Province. In the ancient writings Kashkan was referred to as ‘Kazhaki’. The local Lor population of the region call it ‘Kashkoo’.

Tablets in Kufic Arabic scripts have been found on the remains of the bridge, dating back to the 9th century CE. According to one script engraved on the base of the bridge, the edifice was built around 10th century CE, but archeological excavations and architectural evidence confirm its antiquity to the Sassanid era.

It is thought that the date on the tablet could have pertained to one of the early renovations.

The bridge is 300 meters long, and originally had 11 columns and 12 arches, some parts of which are in ruins and have not survived. The highest point of the bridge is 26 meters.

Kashkan Bridge is one the most spectacular attractions of Lorestan Province.





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